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Molly is a fully qualified freelance Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and creative based in London, UK.


After studying A Levels Molly took the alterative route in pursuing her creative dreams of studying Art & Design at University. Molly graduated with a First class BA (Hons) in 2018. Molly’s degree equipped her with fundamental skills however her proudest work was the concluding project of a fashion and beauty magazine, in which she was creative director and editor, as well as taking leading roles in, makeup, hair, photography and styling. This publication was later displayed in Graduate Fashion Week and awarded a First.


An enthusiastic graduate, Molly supplemented her studies by assisting and freelancing: presenting clients for weddings, festival and magazines. Her studies and ongoing work experience has equipped her with a multitude of skills and abilities within the industry. Molly’s technical versatility is displayed within her portfolio as well as her diversity in working with a variety of skin tones, ages and genders. She is continually building on her portfolio and refining her skills in various areas of the industry and always welcomes any opportunity to gain more knowledge and experience.


If you would like to know any further information, please do not hesitate to ask and feel free to take a look at some of her work.

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